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R&D Introduction

At BlueMount Lab Co., Ltd., technology development is a top priority and is taking today's goal to the reality of tomorrow.

Affiliated research center of Blue Mount Co., Ltd., are endlessly making its effort to respond quickly to the demands of the customer based on excellent personnel and technology power, and are researching various field's materials such as, silicone, paper, textile, petrochemical, rubber & tire, personal care & cosmetics, household goods, and environment medicine.

Affiliated research center of Blue Mount Co., Ltd., are raising its competitiveness by continually supplementing existing products, and are striving with its abundant experience and technology to meet the customers' needs from new product development to commercialization,

Research center have expanded and reorganized the former research team in 2002, and not only its independent technology development but by actively participating in national initiatives such as industry-based technology projects or mid-terminal hub projects through Industries, Universities and Governmen joint research, it is responding to changes in advanced technology by ensuring an accumulation of technologies and maintaining close collaboration with related research institutes, and will try to provide products and services that are environmentally friendly and human-oriented.