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Hair conditioner BLUECOSIL®
Hair conditioner BLUECOSIL®
BLUECOSIL® is an O/W type emulsion that emulsifies Highly Polymerized Silicone Gum into low viscosity dimethylacryloxane. BLUECOSIL® improves the shine and flexibility of hair and is a product that has excellent prevention of rescue. It also has excellent water dispersibility and storage stability as it has outstanding emulsion stability.
ㆍProduct classification
  • Hair conditioner
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Product introduction
Highly Polymerized Silicone Gum is an O/W type product which is emulsified in high concentration in a mixture dispersed in low viscosity dimethlypolysiloxane, which improves luster and suppleness of hair, and has excellent anti-hair effect and good storage stability.
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Product list
Name of the product Ingredient Shape Effective ingredient Particle distribution Catalogue
CS-770 HP MWE 62±2% 2~4um Download
CR-35 HP MWE 62±2% 10~20um Download
CR-38 AP TL 35±2% > 1um Download
* HP : High molecular dimethylsiloxane, AP : Amodimethicone, MWE : Milky white emulsion, TL : Transparent liquid
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Product purpose
- Fiber flexible treatment product
- Shampoo, conditioner and shampoo-conditioner combined products
- Hair Care and other soluble products
- Skin Care product
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Product feature
- Storage is easy as it has excellent emulsion stability.
- Excellent water-dispersibility.
- It is easy to apply to shampoo.
- Coats hair uniformly to give shine and conditioning effect.
- It protects the hair when using the brushing or dryer.
- Excellent penetration and adhesion to fibers.