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Global Leap
서브 제목 아이콘
2010 - Acquired management innovation Small and Middle sized Company(MAIN-BIZ)
- Participation of Korean Red Cross sponsors
- Released "OATS" brand for household detergent
2011 - Participated in "Local Participation Product Exhibition" hosted by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2012 - OATS exclusive contract with Russia (Bosfor Trans)
2013 - Awarded the "3rd Chungbuk RIS Performance Exhibition" Excellent Company
- Participated in "The 14th Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Technology Innovation Competition" and Received Prime Minister's Award
- “Silicon Research Associations(KORASI)” Ahn Joon-sik CEO Inauguration of the third union chairman
2014 - Released liquid / powder antifoaming agent for construction
2015 - Moved sales office (Kwanpyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon)
2016 - Honored by Daejeon Regional Employment and Labor Office
- "53rd Chungbuk Trade Day" Won the million-dollar export top
Change and advance
서브 제목 아이콘
2001 - Completed Home NTD Facility
2002 - Acquire powder detergent sterilization mark " S-Mark "
- ISO 9001 Acquisition
- Certification acquisition from the company's research center
2003 - Parts Materials Speciality Company Certificate acquisition
2004 -Acquisition of VAT dye " Kedanthren" Local Distributor
2006 - Acquire technology innovation SMB " INNO - BIZ"
-Grand Prize in Green Technology Management Awards in “Vision 2006 Awards” held by Harold Economic,
- Certified as "Clean Business Site" by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
- Establishment of the production line of the detergent NTD without fluorescent powder
2007 - Report of manufacturing business of sanitary ware
- Designating small and medium-sized businesses that are likely to export
- Certification of venture businesses
2008 - Participation in The 15th International Symposium on Organosilicone Chemistry
- Designating small and medium-sized businesses that are likely to export
- Selected as KOTRA guaranteed brand target company
- Released exo-friendly wash detergent "Power Prime "
- Participation in "Buy Korea Autumn"by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Development and advancement
서브 제목 아이콘
1990 - Development of Road Substances & Building Waterproofing Agent
1992 - Development of "Hair conditioner" for Cosmetics Silicon emulsion
1995 - Development of fatty alcohol defoamer "Degassing agent" for paper
1997 - Aquisition of silicone defoamer Q-Mark
1998 - Completed industrial NTD detergent plant
1999 - Released "Prime Plus", a household powder detergent
Business start-ups and pioneer work
서브 제목 아이콘
1988 - Establishment of Cheongsan Chemical Co., Ltd.