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Blue Mount
서브 제목 아이콘
Company that think about human beings and the environment
서브 제목 아이콘
Company motto
Faith, Harmony, Creation
서브 제목 아이콘
usiness philosophy
Dong-Eum-Dong-Hyang(同音同響) : A company in which the same purpose and goals are used to achieve both "dreams" and "hopes".
Human Respect (人間尊重) : A company that is capable of corporate and individual development, as a caring, nurturing company.
서브 제목 아이콘
Blue Mount Co., Ltd. Introduction
Blue Mount Technology Co., Ltd., after it was established as Blue Mount Co., Ltd. in 1988, are in charge of development of environmental industry with pure domestic technology and it is leading the way in becoming a leader in environmentally friendly companies with its own research institute, it is able to make continuous research and development and facility investment through domestic research institute and industry-cooperation.

With 30 years of accumulated technology, Blue Mount Technology Co., Ltd., will continue to develop and supply competitiveness products suitable for domestic and overseas situation to supply to the whole industry, and will strive to become a specialized company that does our best to realize customer satisfaction by always thinking the customer the first.
서브 제목 아이콘
Major business sectors
  • 소포제
  • 퍼스널커어&코스메틱
  • 이형제
  • 섬유조제/염료
  • 생활건강
  • 상품